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Data Scientist NLP

Job description

Job Description

Job Description


  • Develop and implement NLP techniques, able to debug and evaluate independently.
  • Working with team to build machine learning techniques that covers text processing, feature engineering.
  • Work to provide alternative approaches to improve the performance/ quality.
  • Work to handle data at large scale and able to process it efficiently.

Professional knowledge requirements:

  • Knowledge of natural language processing techniques and related ML algorithms.
  • Versed in the process of building effective learning systems (data collection, training, evaluation, making iterative improvements)
  • Experience of working on different natural languages besides English and its nuances.
  • Experience with (un)supervised learning algorithms on text data.
  • Experience of working on text search, WordNet, Wikipedia, information extraction, lexicon creation, POS tagging, syntactic parsing in multiple languages is preferred.
  • Masters in Computer Science/Math, statistics, with Specialization in NLP or Information Retrieval.
  • Working Knowledge on large scale / distributed data processing pipeline like Spark, hadoop or other open source/equivalent technologies.
  • Knowledge of Python/ java programming
  • Familiarity with the Linux programming environment and open source tools and technologies if preferred

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