Data Scientist & AI: Bootcamp and Project Work (on...

Job description

If you are a student, recent graduate, or looking to switch careers and you find yourself lacking the necessary skills for your dream job, this Bootcamp is designed with you in mind. Join us for comprehensive training and hands-on projects to enhance your skill set.

Program Overview

– Hands-on Training and Projects: Dive into practical learning experiences.

– Training Certification: Earn a certification that validates your expertise.

– Project Work: Collaborate with our German AI startup, Moyyn (Program language – English).

What You Will Gain From This Program

– Hands-on Training and Projects: Gain practical experience within a German AI startup.

– Direct Interaction: Learn and work directly with founders and potential clients from Germany.

– Practical Group Project Work: Build your expertise in the field of Data Science and AI.

Program Modules

  • Hands-on Training and Project Work:

– Receive training directly from the founders and engage in hands-on projects.

– Tasks include real-time data science and machine learning tasks, creating supervised matchmaking algorithms for job-candidate matching, customer segmentation and analysis, data parsing of CVs and jobs using NLP and LLM, and participating in project work.

  • Data Science and AI Training:

– Benefit from 8 hours of training with insights from guest speakers from Europe (self-paced learning).

– Explore the fundamentals of data science and machine learning, Python libraries, supervised and unsupervised learning, regression and classification methods, clustering methods, deep learning, matching algorithms, and more.

  • Career Guidance:

– Get guidance on how to secure a job in the field.

– Participate in career sessions, get introduced to job search platforms, learn CV and cover letter preparation, and receive valuable interview tips.

Why Choose Our Data Science Training Program?

– Skill Development: Acquire the fundamentals of Data Science and AI.

– Career Advancement: Gain the confidence and training needed to transition your career to become a Data Scientist.

– Job Opportunities: Increase your prospects and receive referrals to our clients and partners.

– Real Startup Projects: Collaborate directly with our Chief Product Officer on tangible startup projects.

– Networking: Join our GATE community to expand your professional network and build lasting connections.

Take the first step towards a successful career in data science and AI with our comprehensive training program. Don’t miss this opportunity to upskill and unlock doors to exciting job prospects!

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