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Senior Data Scientist

Job description

Social media has changed our society in a deeper way than most people realize. Today groups form around ideas more than location. It has been the other way around for 50k years!

This is a structural change. It affects every aspect of society, including our model of trust. This is why the world suddenly feels like it is getting torn apart. Who we trust has always been determined by communities, but online communities are different – they are larger and they transfer more information. Our brains are not equipped to handle this scale on their own.

We need to find a new model of trust. It is not only about fixing what is broken. It is an opportunity to create a better, more innovative society with faster scientific progress and equal access to opportunity for people no matter where they live.

This is why Borg exists. Our mission is to enable people to trust each other at scale.

We intend to do that by indexing the social graph of humanity and making it available to build on to anyone. We started by indexing Twitter, but soon will also index podcasts, research papers, other social media platforms (e.g. Reddit, Github) etc. and combine them together.

This is possible because we invented a community search algorithm which can accurately map communities from a single word input, such as 'bitcoin', 'vegan' or 'tennis'. This algorithm works on existing social graphs.

We're building the future in which the internet's information flows are defined by online communities, not social media platforms. This is a massive challenge. It requires indexing billions of profiles across multiple platforms, finding millions of communities, and serving them as structured data streams via a dynamically priced API.

We are currently indexing ~300k profiles across Twitter, we have mapped 6 communities and we are serving them as data streams over our API.

Our Teams and our Tech-Stack

We are a small company, but we are very active and we are growing rapidly. We all work as a unique team with frequent chats and meetings during the days. We are essentially divided into two teams: the Data Science team and the Data Engineering team.

You will be joining the Data Science team, but you will be working often with the Engineers and the CEO.

Our technology is currently built as micro-services powered by Docker and gRPC with most services running Python - with everything deployed on AWS. We code in Python and we query in ArangoDB. It is a plus if you have experience with Flask and Celery.


Job description

To meet our ambitions, the Data Science team is growing rapidly and we are seeking a Senior Data Scientist. This person will work side by side with the current Data Scientists and the Data Engineers.

Borg is a data-driven company and our products are high-level quantitative analysis and specific data science models. You will work in the kernel of the company aside from renowned experts, engineers, and business leaders in the field. Your role is key to the growth of the company.

You will work in several areas of Data Science. A few examples are analyzing Social Networks, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Image Classification and Recognition, and Recommendation Systems. Moreover, you may have a substantial exposition also to Data Engineering and Data Visualization.

Finally, the role opens up to several growth opportunities and career progression. Indeed, the person who takes this role is expected to become Team Lead in less than a year or to specialize in one of the many products of the company.


You will work on all stages of a data science project such as collecting the data, understanding the business problem, building mathematical models, developing products, and producing insights to be used at the business level.

Your main focus will be designing and building new scientific models and improving the current ones in production. As a senior expert, you will analyze the data and turn it into insights and valuable products.

You will also help the Data Engineers to crawl new data from GitHub, Reddit, Twitter, and other social platforms. After an in-depth analysis of this data, you will develop new models and provide new scientific results driven by business products.


We are a remote-first team. Most of the team is based in Europe (Berlin, London, Milan). We make our own hours, but we have our team calls during office hours in CET. We meet in person and work together for several days every ~3 months. Other than that the company ‘lives’ in Slack, Notion, Linear, Vowel and other tools enabling effective communication.

The job is full time permanent. We are also happy to sponsor a work visa if you would like to move to Germany. The compensation will include an equity in the company.

The Process For This Role

If after reading all of this, it's a hell yes! opportunity, please click the apply button. In the confirmation email you will get a link to a Typeform with some task related questions.

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