Job description

Company description

Our mission is to enable people to trust each other at scale.

Social media has changed our society more deeply than most people realize. For most of our history, we formed communities around shared locations, but this has been changing rapidly with technologies such as the internet and – especially – social media. Today we are forming communities around shared ideas more than ever.

This is a structural change, so it affects every aspect of society. Including our model of trust. Who we trust has always been determined by communities, but online communities are larger and they create more information. Our brains are not able to handle this scale. This is why the world suddenly feels like it is getting torn apart.

We need to find a new model of trust. It is not only about fixing what is broken. It is also an opportunity to create a more innovative society with faster scientific progress and equal access to opportunity.

We intend to do that by indexing the social graph of humanity and making it available to build on to anyone. We started by indexing Twitter, but soon will also index podcasts, research papers, other social media platforms (e.g. Reddit, Github) etc., and combine them together.

This is possible because we invented a community search algorithm that can accurately map communities from a single word input, such as 'bitcoin', 'vegan' or 'tennis'. This approach works on existing social graphs.


Job description

Your job is going to be to build models that enable capturing social dynamics and expressing them as precise metrics. You can see an example of such metrics on hive .one where we published the first results of our work.

This is a real research role. You will be given problems to work on that nobody has solved before. You can also find interesting problems and propose to work on them as long as they fit within the larger scope of research and business goals of the organization.

You will have freedom in choosing how to approach solving problems you are working on and which technologies to use. You can use any technology you wish as long as you think this is the best approach to solving the problem at hand. People who waste time playing around with fancy new technology that is unnecessary to solve the problem get fired quickly. If you are the kind of person we are looking for you will appreciate being in an environment focused on getting things done.

We are currently still working on figuring out how to index all of Twitter and there are plenty of hard problems to solve here. However, we are already starting to look into indexing other graphs – such as podcasts, Github, Reddit, Behance or OpenSea and NFTs in general. We will be building small, multi-disciplinary teams around each one of these. You can either contribute to the Twitter effort or work on one of the others.


  • Envision, implement, and validate algorithms that aggregate complex, graphical data into comprehensible descriptions of social networks.
  • Planning and coordination of data modeling & acquisition strategy, feature releases.
  • Close cooperation with the product team in translating planned product features into algorithms/metrics and vice versa.
  • Close cooperation with the development team in shaping our IT strategy and ensuring the robustness of production algorithms.
  • As a DS evangelist, you will familiarize other team members with our models to the extent and level of detail necessary for them.

  • 3+ years experience modeling large, complex data sets.
  • Comprehensive understanding of graph theory, network analysis, NLP, and other areas of statistical data analysis.
  • Advanced coding skills in Python, familiarity with docker and AWS.
  • Ability to prototype rapidly and also ship maintainable, production-ready code.
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to explain complex facts to diverse audiences.
  • Curiosity when doing research, diligence when developing software.
  • You communicate clearly and you use precise language.
  • You can communicate concepts at different levels of complexity. I.e. you can change your explanation depending on the audience. You think of what information the person you are talking to needs and you frame it in the context useful to them, not the one that is easiest for you to use.
Great to have

  • You are familiar with the body of research on community search algorithms.
  • You are familiar with systems thinking and systems design principles.
  • You have an interest in sociology, anthropology, evolutionary psychology or related fields.
  • You are interested in and deeply familiar with some online cultures, memes etc.
  • You are a heavy user of some social media platforms and/or a member of some online communities.
  • You are interested in and familiar with game theory.

Work setup

We are a remote-first team.

Most of the team is based in Europe. We try to meet in person and work together for several days every ~4 months. Other than that the company ‘lives’ in Slack, Notion, Linear, Vowel and other tools enabling effective communication.

If you work from Berlin, you can work from our Berlin office, located in Mitte.

How to apply

We don't care about what you did before or what acronyms you can put in front of your name. The only thing that really matters is whether you can solve problems. That's the reason the process for this role is different from what you may have encountered before.

Step 1: Please click the apply button. In the confirmation email, you will get a link to a Typeform with some task-related questions. These questions are intentionally hard. We know that you can't fully solve the problems presented in the form – the goal is to see how you approach solving them. We want to see how you think.

Step 2: 1st phone interview

Step 3: Take home task, 2-4 hours.

Step 4: Final phone interview.

Step 5: Paid trial project. We will ask you to work on a specific project along with our team. The idea here is for both for us and for you to experience what it is like to work with each other.

Step 6: We make you an offer.

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