Senior Data Scientist (m/f/d)

Location: Herzogenaurach

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A data scientist is a specialist who applies its expertise in statistics and building machine learning models to make predictions and answer key business questions. They focus on understanding, cleaning and analyzing data from the past and present perspectives and producing reliable predictions for the future.

Key Accountabilities
Evaluates the need for analytics, assesses the problems to be solved and what internal or external data sources to use or acquire.
Specifies and applies appropriate mathematical, statistical, predictive modelling or machine-learning techniques to analyze data, generate insights, create value and support decision-making.
Manages reviews of the benefits and value of analytics techniques and tools and recommends improvements.
Contributes to the development of analytics policy, standards and guidelines.
Business analysis
Investigates operational requirements, problems, and opportunities, seeking effective business solutions through improvements in automated and non-automated components of new or changed processes.
Assists in the analysis of stakeholder objectives, and the underlying issues arising from investigations into business requirements and problems, and identifies options for consideration.
Works with stakeholders, to identify potential benefits and available options for consideration, and in defining acceptance tests.
Contributes to selection of the business analysis methods, tools and techniques for projects; selecting appropriately from predictive (plan-driven) approaches or adaptive (iterative/agile) approaches.
Takes responsibility for understanding client requirements, collecting data, delivering analysis and problem resolution.
Identifies, evaluates and recommends options, implementing if required.
Collaborates with, and facilitates stakeholder groups, as part of formal or informal consultancy agreements.
Seeks to fully address client needs, enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of client personnel, by ensuring that proposed solutions are properly understood and appropriately exploited.
Data modelling and design
Applies data analysis, design, modelling, and quality assurance techniques, based upon a detailed understanding of business processes, to establish, modify or maintain data structures and associated components (entity descriptions, relationship descriptions, attribute definitions).
Advises database designers and other application development team members on the details of data structures and associated components.
Emerging technology monitoring
Supports monitoring of the external environment and assessment of emerging technologies to evaluate the potential impacts, threats and opportunities to the organization.
Contributes to the creation of reports, technology road mapping and the sharing of knowledge and insights.
Programming/software development
Designs, codes, verifies, tests, documents, amends and refactors complex programs/scripts and integration software services.
Contributes to selection of the software development approach for projects, selecting appropriately from predictive (plan-driven) approaches or adaptive (iterative/agile) approaches.
Applies agreed standards and tools, to achieve well-engineered outcomes.
Participates in reviews of own work and leads reviews of colleagues' work.
Requirements definition and management
Defines and manages scoping, requirements definition and prioritization activities for small-scale changes and assists with more complex change initiatives.
Follows agreed standards, applying appropriate techniques to elicit and document detailed requirements.
Provides constructive challenge to stakeholders as required.
Prioritizes requirements and documents traceability to source.
Reviews requirements for errors and omissions.
Provides input to the requirements base-line.
Investigates, manages and applies authorized requests for changes to base-lined requirements, in line with change management policy.
Specialist advice
Actively maintains knowledge in one or more identifiable specialisms.
Provides detailed and specific advice regarding the application of their specialism(s) to the organization's planning and operations.
Recognizes and identifies the boundaries of their own specialist knowledge.
Collaborates with other specialists, where appropriate, to ensure advice given is appropriate to the needs of the organization.
Data visualization
Applies a of variety visualization techniques and designs the content and appearance of data visuals.
Operationalizes and automates activities for efficient and timely production of data visuals.
Selects appropriate visualization approach from a range of applicable options. Contributes to exploration and experimentation in data visualization.
Within given research goals, builds on and refines appropriate outline ideas for research, including evaluation, development, demonstration and implementation.
Applies standard methods to collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data.
Creates research reports to communicate research methodology and findings and conclusions.
Contributes sections of material of publication quality.
Uses available resources to update knowledge of any relevant field and curates a personal collection of relevant material.
Participates in research communities.

If required: People Management / Resource Management:
Is involved in recruiting process and proposes support for hiring decision and pre-selection of candidates
Allocates the different work to the respective employees considering experience, complexity, workload and organizational efficiency
Continuously monitors and evaluates team workload and organizational efficiency with the support of IT systems, data and analysis and team feedback and makes appropriate changes to meet business needs.
Provides team members/direct reports with clear direction and targets that are aligned with business needs and GIT objectives

Four-year college or university degree with focus on Business Administration or IT or related areas, or equivalent combination of education and experience
Proficient spoken and written command of English
At least 7-year experience in IT
5 years of experience in relevant area
2 years of experience in team management
Strong understanding & knowledge of regional and global market landscape and the respective customer
Managed critical elements and cross functional and regional projects

*** Mention DataYoshi when applying ***

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