Sr Advanced Data Scientist

Job description

Responsibilities: Help Developing Business Case: Recognize core business challenges along with the Offering Management and develop opportunities that can be addressed with advanced analytics, AI/ML techniques for value realization. Feature Engineering for AI/ML Models: Leverage Auto-ML platforms and provide guidance and inputs on critical feature selection for enhancing algorithms Exploring Models and Training: Iterate and evaluate outcomes across multiple models, down-select them for business adoption, guide re-training of models as business process and data drifts Drive adoption on Insights and track value: Drive program management for timely adoption by business teams of actionable insights and track value, articulate to senior management Skills: 1. Minimum of 5 years of Python or R programming experience for Machine Learning & Data Science related libraries such as Python (Numpy/Pandas/Scikit-Learn/Seaborn/Keras/SciPy/Pytorch/Tensorflow/NLTK), R (Tidyverse/Tidytext/stringr/randomForest/nnet/Keras for R/Tensorflow for R/h2o AutoML) 2. Solid understanding of statistics, probability, ML and DL 3. Experience in developing and deploying end-to-end AI/ML solutions in production environment 4. Exposure to reinforcement learning, supervised and unsupervised algorithms, various architectures of neural networks, time series forecasting, deep learning networks 5. Deep expertise in any specific application of ML and DL 6. Prior experience in building and deploying ML pipelines from data ingestion, preparation to deploying models in production 7. Understanding various databases: relational and nosql 8. Familiarity with ML testing and data validation frameworks Good to have: 1. Familiarity with IIoT, Edge Devices, Time series data 2. Azure cloud and deployments modelt for this global job code, please work with your HRG to develop one

10-12 years of experince


Additional Information

  • JOB ID: req326675
  • Category: Engineering
  • Location: Lot 115 (P),Nanakramguda Village,,Serilinganpally Madndal, RR District,Hyderabad,TELANGANA STATE,500019,India
  • Exempt

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