Data Engineer (Remoto)

Job description

Esta é uma vaga de um cliente da GeekHunter, candidate-se para ter acesso às informações completas sobre a empresa.

We are looking for a professional who has

Solid understanding of dbt to perform data transformation tasks

Strong understanding of data design principles and dimensional data modeling

Advanced SQL skills and understanding of query optimization strategies in Snowflake

Fundamental understanding of DAGs and operators in Airflow, hands-on experience with action and sensor operators

Fundamental understanding of Docker and deploying code as a container

Solid understanding of basic programming concepts in Python or similar modern languages

Solid understanding of Qlik Replicate and Enterprise Manager, experience managing endpoints and streaming CDC (change data capture) tasks

Solid understanding of Fivetran, ingesting files and SaaS (e.g. Salesforce, Workday) data sources

Fundamental Understanding Of The Following AWS Services

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) - performance monitoring & optimization and knowledge of instance types

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) - provisioning of virtual networks and all its basic components (security group, network access control list, route tables, subnet, etc.)

S3, Secrets Manager, AWS CLI

It would be great, if you had already had the opportunity to work with

  • Experience with Qlik Replicate, Fivetran, Hightouch, and Snowflake a plus

You will be expected to

The successful candidate is motivated by thinking big data, is technically proficient, and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment. You care deeply about the veracity (i.e. consistency, accuracy, quality, and trustworthiness) of data. You enjoy designing, maintaining, and optimizing data pipelines & infrastructure, for data collection, management, transformation, and access. You also enjoy understanding complex business requirements and translating them into data models for the end users.

In Addition, You

Are a strong critical thinker with analytical and problem-solving abilities

Are self motivated and able to work independently with minimum supervision

Bring thought leadership to your area of responsibility and enjoy staying ahead in your field

Habilidades Obrigatórias

  • SQL

Habilidades Desejáveis

  • Docker

A vaga aceita trabalho remoto?


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