Job description

Intern - Machine Learning Engineer

Company Introduction

Confetto is a promising early stage startup led by co-founders from ex-Google and ex-Lazada and backed by several prominent early stage angel investors. We are building the next generation social media tool for Small and Medium businesses (SMBs). We are looking for software engineers to help execute our product vision to build a Software as a service tool that uses A.I to recommend high quality content for social media. This is a unique opportunity to work in an early stage startup building a product combining Design and A.I technology.

Job Description

We are looking for young & motivated engineering graduates to help build out and manage our web application front-end (and potentially mobile apps too). Successful candidates will have a computer science / information technology background and/or have experience building ML / DL models & APIs for your university projects or other internships.

Our project entails implementing a variety of AI based recommendation engines from auto-generated creative designs, content plans and text captions for Social media that will be used by 1000s of SMB brands around the world. Interns will work our co-founder and Chief Scientist who built the initial data science team for Lazada. The work will involve building ensemble models using the latest advancements in ML, NLP, Computer Vision and Predictive Analytics.


  • Develop Machine Learning / Deep learning models using the latest frameworks specifically in areas of Computer Vision & NLP.
  • Deploy the models online on our production infrastructure.
  • Build training data pipelines from APIs, general web & other sources.
  • Build & manage custom data annotation tools.

Skills preferred :

  • Excellent command of Python Language
  • Competent in the Standard Data Science Toolkit
  • Data Gathering (Scraping/SQL) & Processing (Cleaning/Feature Engineering)
  • Modelling
  • Data Visualisation
  • Experience in implementing a variety of ML models to real use-cases (from simple regression to tree-based models to deep learning models)
  • Experience with Django / Fast API, deployment to AWS will be a big plus.
  • Bachelor’s or Master's degree in Computer Science or related fields.

You should consider this job if you :

  • Love fast paced startup culture that provides reasonable compensation with an option to convert full-time in 2022 next year based on performance.
  • Enjoy solving complex technical problems that don’t have obvious solutions.
  • Are open to learning from a team of senior experts from leading tech companies around the world.
  • Work particularly well in a remote team working with people around the world.
  • Take pride in seeing your work being used by potentially millions of users around the world.

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