Lead Data Engineer

Job description

Lead data engineers at Thoughtworks develop modern data architecture approaches to meet key business objectives and provide end-to-end data solutions. They might spend a few weeks with a new client on a deep technical review or a complete organizational review, helping them to understand the potential that data brings to solve their most pressing problems. On projects, they will be acting as the architect, leading the design of technical solutions, or perhaps overseeing a program inception to build a new product. Alognside hands-on coding, they are tech-leading the team to implement the solution.

Job responsibilities

  • You will be leading the design of technical solutions and overseeing a program inception to build a new product.
  • You will be responsible to create, design & develop intricate data processing pipelines, addressing our clients' most challenging problems.
  • You will collaborate with Data Scientists in order to design scalable implementations of their models.
  • You will pair to write clean and iterative code based on TDD and leverage various continuous delivery practices to deploy, support and operate data pipelines.
  • You will lead and advise clients on how to use different distributed storage and computing technologies from the plethora of options available.
  • You will design, develop and operate modern data architecture approaches to meet key business objectives and provide end-to-end data solutions.
  • You will develop data models by selecting from a variety of modeling techniques and implementing the chosen data model using the appropriate technology stack.
  • You will be responsible for data governance, data security, data privacy to support business and compliance requirements.
  • You will seamlessly incorporate data quality into your day-to-day work as well as into the delivery process.
  • You will ensure a smooth collaboration within Thoughtworks’ team as well as with the client’s teams, encouraging open communication and advocating for shared outcomes

Job Qualifications

Technical Skills

  • You have experience in leading the design of technical solutions and overseeing a program inception to build a new product.
  • Working with data excites you: you have created Big data architecture, you can build and operate data pipelines, and maintain data storage, all within distributed systems.
  • You have hands-on experience of data modeling and data engineering tools and platforms such as Kafka, Spark, and Hadoop.
  • You have experience in writing clean, high-quality code using the preferred programming language.
  • You have built & deployed large-scale data pipelines and data-centric applications using any of the distributed storage platforms and distributed processing platforms in a production setting.
  • You have hands on experience in data platforms (Cloudera/Hortonworks etc) and cloud based hadoop distributions.
  • You have experience with data-driven approaches and can apply data security & privacy strategy to solve business problemsYou have hands-on experience with data infrastructure and operations working in cloud environments.
  • You have experience with different types of databases (like, NoSQL, data lake, data schemas etc)

Professional Skills

  • You understand the importance of stakeholder management and can easily liaise between clients and other key stakeholders throughout projects, ensuring buy-in and gaining trust along the way.
  • You are resilient in ambiguous situations and can adapt your role to approach challenges from multiple perspectives; You don’t shy away from risks or conflicts, instead you take them on and skillfully manage them.
  • You are eager to coach, mentor and motivate others and you aspire to influence teammates to take positive action and accountability for their work.
  • You enjoy influencing others and always advocate for technical excellence while being open to change when needed.
  • You are a proven leader with a track record of encouraging teammates in their professional development and relationships
  • Cultivating strong partnerships comes naturally to you: you understand the importance of relationship building and how it can bring new opportunities to our business.

Other things to know

Learning & Development

There is no one-size-fits-all career path at Thoughtworks: however you want to develop your career is entirely up to you. But we also balance autonomy with the strength of our cultivation culture. This means your career is supported by interactive tools, numerous development programs and teammates who want to help you grow. We see value in helping each other be our best and that extends to empowering our employees in their career journeys.

About Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks is a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering to drive digital innovation. For 30+ years, our clients have trusted our autonomous teams to build solutions that look past the obvious. Here, computer science grads come together with seasoned technologists, self-taught developers, midlife career changers and more to learn from and challenge each other. Career journeys flourish with the strength of our cultivation culture, which has won numerous awards around the world.

Join Thoughtworks and thrive. Together, our extra curiosity, innovation, passion and dedication overcomes ordinary.

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